Batman IV

Jason Todd

Batman (Jason Todd)
Biographical Information
Status: alive
Home: Gotham
Affiliation: Batman Family
Occupation: Hero/Vigilante
Physical Description
Species: human
Gender: male
Hair color: black
Eye color: green

Mary Todd (adoptive mother) Deathstroke (father)

Current Allies:
  • all heroes and anti heroes
Current Enemies:
  • all villains
Show Information
Portrayed by: TBA
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Jason Todd formerly known by his supervillain name Red Hood he soon became the The Fourth Batman after Tim Drake

history Edit

the Original Batman's son became Batman then the second robin, Tim Drake

the fourth robin while Batman let The Joker kill him soon he wanted revenge on Batman he soon became Red Hood and was filled up to kill him until he turned onto the good side after Bruce Wayne died and so did Tim Drake so he became the new Batman