Destroyed Krypton2

The Krypton Arc Is The Start Of Season 5 In OUATF. After Defeating Scarecrow And the Toxic 7, Hal Jordan Returns to Oa and Takes The Power Rings With Him But Shortly after Darkseid Arrives In Storybrooke To Take His Revenge On Rumpelstiltskin For Imprisoning Him. This Arc Also Has The Appearance Of A Famous Kryptonian Villian Known As Zod.Though It is called the Krypton Arc, Krypton itself is Mentioned Only a few times and Has 1 Episode. In The Finale, While Darkseid And Zod Sucseeded Their Plan, Someone From Inside The Omega Syrum Absorbed Himself Into The Dead Darkseid's Body And Ecscaped The Omega Syrum Was Shown To Recover Outside Of Storybrooke. It is Unknown Who This Person Is.

Storyline InfomationEdit

  • Darkseid Is The Main Villain Of The Arc.
  • Zod Will Appear.
  • Oa Will Be Explored More.
  • A New Character Called Writer X Will Appear
  • Hulk Will appear


  • The Hunter
  • Krypton
  • Embracing
  • The Origins
  • The Writer
  • The 1st Summon
  • Heading Down The road
  • The 2nd Summon
  • The 3rd Summon
  • The Omega Syrum
  • The Final Summoning

Darkness Is ComingEdit