Biographical Information
Status: alive
Home: the secret cave
Affiliation: gang of the secret trolls
Occupation: sorcerer
Physical Description
Species: Troll
Gender: male
Hair color: bald
Eye color: black
Current Allies:

Hulk, Grinus, Michelangelo

Current Enemies:
Show Information
Portrayed by: Nate Hughes
First mentioned: ""the stones of phone scrolls""
First appearance: ""the skin trolls"
Latest appearance: "'"Computer Chips""
Latest mention: ""Sad with What type of creens"
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Trollwick is a character in ABC's Once Upon A Time

creation of Grinus Edit

Grinus was created by trollwick when a suitcase fell through a portal Trollwick opened the Suitcase

"the skin trolls" Edit

he debuts in the episode "the skin trolls" were Hulk Prince Charming and Batman go to the secret cave and meet him and Grinus

Scrolls Edit

  • scroll of the future world
  • scroll of the future of people
  • scroll of erased worlds
  • scroll of future quests
  • scroll of time travelling

staff of immunity Edit

Trollwick found the staff of immunity and in a strange place used it for stuff